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Trademark Survey 2015

Complimentary trade mark search in Malaysia worth RM 350! From 1 May, Primus will be offering a complimentary trade mark search in Malaysia for any word, name, symbol, device, or any combination (in one class). Simply complete the survey and you will receive this... read more

IP Legislation in Malaysia

Here is list of governing statutes and legislation for intellectual property in Malaysia: Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia Act 2002 (Act 617) Trade Marks Act 1976 (Act 175) Patents Act 1983 (Act 291) Industrial Designs Act 1996 (Act 552) Geographical... read more

Introduction to Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP), occasionally mistaken for and confused with real property or estate, actually refers to creations of the mind, such as but not limited to an expression of an idea, a solution to a problem, an artistic work or a musical. It is a rather... read more